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Top Bar Beehives

When we're not busy in the garden, we're busy building!  Beehives bridge the gap between garden and natural building.  We build Kenyan Style Top Bar Beehives, from renewable and non-toxic materials.

Top Bar Hives aren't designed for production of honey, but rather to provide natural habitat for honeybees.  They allow honeybees to build their own comb to their own requirements, are easy to manage, and are perfect for beginners or experienced beekeepers!  

Honeybees also provide the very important benefit of increasing pollination in our garden.  A shared relationship and harmony can be achieved with Honeybees, if only we look to their needs before our own.


All sales and proceeds from our Top Bar Hives will go directly towards increasing awareness of natural beekeeping in Canada, and supports The Kootenay Society For Sustainable Living.