Our Greenhouse Is On The Way!


We start all of our plants from seed in wooden flats, and grow them in our greenhouse anywhere from 1 week up to 12 weeks!  By starting plants in flats we're maximize seedling growth, our garden bed efficiency and vastly reducing our water consumption.  We also have the bonus of choosing only the healthiest plants to transplant in to our growing beds, which increases yields.

We've ordered our first greenhouse! 

We went with a 10x20x8 made by shelter logic, a versatile and portable style greenhouse.  Not only will we be able to take the greenhouse down in the winter to preserve the cover, but it can also be moved to different areas of the garden each season.  Having the flexibility of choosing where to place the greenhouse will allow us to rotate crops that would otherwise be grown in the same soil every season, which will help to minimize susceptibility to pests and disease.






We'll also dedicate half of our greenhouse to heat loving plants.  Crops like tomatoes prefer a warmer overnight temperature, so even though we get plenty of sun during the day, growth in hindered when overnight temperatures drop.  The greenhouse will hold the heat of the day longer, enabling these crops to thrive!  Because our greenhouse is 10x20, we have enough space to grow a full 100 square foot bed of heat loving crops.  Grow Biointensive has the potential to yield up to 418 pounds of tomatoes per 100 square foot bed...that's a lot of tomato sauce!

James FougereComment