Future Heirlooms

The Biointensive Centre is the home of Future Heirlooms, an open-pollinated and open source seed bank. We grow our own locally adapted seeds from the crops in our Research and Demonstration Garden.


Sharing for the Future

Exchanging locally adapted seeds is an easy way to protect ourselves against climate change, maintain biodiversity, and increase yields. Future Heirlooms hosts seed swap events and workshops on seed saving. Saving our own seed is one of the most important things we can do for the future.

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One of the 8 principals of the GROW BIOINTENSIVE method is the use of open-pollinated seeds.

Seed saved from these plants carry the genetic traits of the parents, and so grow true-to-type year after year and ensure biodiversity.

Locally adapting crops is as easy as choosing the parent plants that show the desired traits, and then saving the seed! The seed saved from open-pollinated varieties will be genetically adapted to the growing conditions they experienced, making them more resilient to the local climate and prepared for challenges like insects and disease.


Connect With Us

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