In Kind Donations

There are many things we’re needing on the farm for the gardens, natural building projects, workshops and education!

Below is an up-to-date list of items, materials, and tools we are planning to purchase.

We would always prefer to re-home used items and materials in order to reduce resource consumption and divert from the landfill. You just may have exactly what we need, and an in-kind donation will go a long way for towards supporting our projects!



A valuable tool used extensively to create ideal soil structure in our garden beds, and a tool we plan to make available to the public to prepare their beds at home. We are looking to contract a welder to manufacture one for us, please get in touch if you can help us!


Garden Tools

We’re always on the look-out for shovels, trowels, wheelbarrows, 5 gal buckets, wagons, hoe’s, sickles, scythes, knives and blades, shade cloth, frost cloth, straw bales, greenhouse plastic etc.



We need lumber for building a variety of structures on the farm. Lumber of any kind is extremely valuable and will be put to very good use.


Building Tools

Any and all wood working tools are needed on the farm, especially hand powered tools that don’t require electricity! We also need plastering tools for natural building projects, a cement mixer or hand mixer for making plasters, tarps for making cob, a chainsaw for cutting straw-bales and logs, metal roofing, and natural insulating materials like wool.



Hoses, pipes, sprinklers, timers, connections and watering wands are frequently used and often need replacing.