The Biointensive Centre

A Research and Demonstration Site Teaching Sustainable Mini-Farming, Natural Building, and Permaculture.


Sustainable Farming

We host a variety of workshops and tours at our GROW BIOINTENSIVE research and demonstration garden. We're teaching farmers sustainable soil and resource management techniques, and helping to strengthen local food security; from the large scale farmer to the backyard gardener.


Research and Development

Through ongoing project research we'll identify and develop crop varieties that thrive in our local climate and that are resilient to climate change and environmental challenges.


Sharing Seed

Through the Future Heirlooms Seed Bank we'll provide open-pollinated seeds that have been grown locally and adapted to our Northern climate, teach seed saving workshops and host seed swap events to encourage sharing of open-pollinated seeds.


Natural Building

We will host workshops to teach sustainable building techniques that focus on using locally available, natural and non-toxic materials. By using passive solar design and permaculture principals, we can build our own homes that are naturally warm in winter, and cool in summer.


Protection & Regeneration

By teaching sustainable living we enhance local food security, limit resource consumption, and aid in the restoration and regeneration of our forests and waterways.

By teaching farmers how to increase yields and reduce land and resource requirements, ecosystems can be restored and biodiversity re-established and protected for future generations.