Demonstration Garden

The Biointensive Centre is primarily a GROW BIOINTENSIVE Research & Demonstration site for sustainable mini-farming. Located near Kimberley British Columbia, we are nestled between the Purcell and Rocky Mountain ranges.

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A Working Example

The Biointensive Centre serves as a working example of sustainable, closed loop farming. We hope to bring about positive change through inspiration, then empowerment through education and demonstration. We believe that true change can only come from within, so we focus on reaching the hearts of individuals to inspire hope and foster positive change.



A primary function of our Research and Demonstration site is teaching Grow Biointensive mini-farming principals, demonstrating techniques and empowering people through education and hands on learning.

Visitors can join us for a weekly guided tour where we’ll cover the basics of Grow Biointensive principals while we explore the garden beds and answer questions.

We also host a variety of workshops, including an 8 week mini series that covers a different Grow Biointensive Principal each week and full day workshops that go more in depth. All workshops include a tour, some classroom work, demonstration of techniques and an opportunity to start building those skills and practice learned techniques on site!


Part of a Global Shift

Our Research and Demonstration Site is one of many around the world. Ecology Action has been educating and training farmers for 47 years, and GROW BIOINTENSIVE Mini-Farming is being practiced in over 150 Countries.

Our project is the first to bring this truly sustainable farming system to Canada, and our hope is that we will inspire others to not only practice sustainable mini-farming for themselves, but also to help educate and train others in a shared community of farmers Canada wide.

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We're dedicated to further developing GROW BIOINTENSIVE for the Canadian climate.

We rely on detailed record keeping of environmental and weather patterns, plant performance and yields, and laboratory soil analysis to plan our garden.

We are always striving to reduce resource requirements and to maximize soil health. Through selective breeding of open-pollinated plants, we will be adapting these varieties to our local climate, increasing yields, and decreasing the amount of land, water, fertilizer, energy and time required to grow a complete diet.



We’re not only working to increase the availability of local organic food. A major goal of our work is to reduce carbon emissions, deforestation, pollution of our rivers and lakes and to protect wildlife and restore habitat.

Because Biointensive farming allows us to achieve 4 to 6 times greater yields, we can encourage farmers to dedicate 50% or more of their land to conservation and reforestation and at the same time sequester more carbon, reduce water needs up to 88% and greatly reduce fertilizer and fossil fuel requirements.

The effects of climate change are being felt globally and are altering the way we look at our natural resources. Moving towards agriculture that no longer relies on the importation of fertility and that uses a fraction of the water, fertilizer and fossil fuels is a wise investment. We can replace our dependence on mechanized agriculture with people power, creating jobs and focusing on low tech farming on a local and regional scale.

We believe localization is the key to a vibrant and bountiful future, and by localizing our sources of nutrition we're taking matters in to our own hands and becoming responsible for our health, and the health of the planet.

We CAN grow healthy communities, healthy ecosystems, and healthy people. We can grow hope, everywhere we are.