Michael G. Smith

I wrote my first book in 1998, a how-to cob construction manual called “The Cobber’s Companion” (now out of print). Later I co-authored “The Hand-Sculpted House” (Chelsea Green, 2002) and “The Art of Natural Building” (New Society, 2002). I have contributed articles on natural building to several other books and many magazines and journals. For over ten years, I have been the expert on both cob and straw clay on Green Home Building, where all of my previous questions and answers are archived. I currently serve on the Boards of Directors of The Natural Building Network and The Cob Research Institute.


Kirk "Donkey" Mobert

We teach Natural Building workshops, complete cob construction, earthen plasters, earthen ovens, rocket stoves, wood-fired water heaters, earthen floors,  living roofs and so much more. We enjoy helping people find ways of living that depend less on fossil fuels and more on individual creativity and collective genius using natural systems and natural materials.

Amanda Fischer

I am a designer and teacher.  I design and build sustainable structures that use the natural resources that are available: mud, sand and natural fibers. I hold a Masters in Interior Architecture & Design and began my career as a professor teaching in universities on the east coast. I moved to Northern California to pursue my passion for sustainable building.  There I received a certification as a Sustainable Building Advisor in San Francisco, which has guided me to promote sustainability through all stages of our built environments.  Over the past few years I have more specifically been involved with natural building.  


Cob Cottage Co.

Our inspiration comes from direct observation of Nature, and from the wisdom of traditional cultures. We are committed to deconsumerizing, to reducing the flow of cash, resources and waste, and helping others to do the same. We work with a wide range of natural materials. Numerous cob demonstration buildings all over North America are now open to visitors. Tours of the demonstration buildings in Coquille Oregon are available at set times or by appointment as no one resides on the property, so we need to make arrangements for someone to meet you for a tour.  Please call the office number to schedule one.