West Coast Seeds

Thank you very much to the good people at West Coast Seeds for providing a generous donation of seeds!

West Coast Seeds offers many heirloom and open-pollinated varieties of seed and believes strongly in supporting organic and sustainable farming practices.


Tiny Life Supply

A huge thanks to Axel Whalen and Jake Daly of Tiny Life Supply! They’re a leading source of environmentally responsible products that support sustainable living; offering everything you need to live off-grid. They offer free shipping in Canada and their website hosts a resource hub full of valuable information covering all aspects of living small and off the grid.

Thank you for supporting our projects and for being a steward of the environment!


Norwegian Creek Farm

We'd like to thank Norwegian Creek Farm for providing us with a donation of organic seed garlic.

They grow a large variety of seed garlic in the heart of BC's interior. Please check them out and consider buying your seed garlic from Norwegian Creek Farm!


Sherck Seeds

We would like to thank John Sherck of Sherck Seeds for providing our research and demonstration mini-farm with a very generous donation of seeds.

Sherck Seeds specializes in grains, and is working hard to improve cold tolerance and shortening time to maturity in a variety of important food crops.

His continued research and development of grains is extremely valuable for food production in Canada, and we look forward to continuing to work with John in the future.

Sherck seeds are only shipping within the USA, but we hope to make these varieties available to Canadians through our seed bank as we grow and save these grains ourselves.


Lee Valley Tools

Thank you to Lee Valley Tools for their generous donation and support of our projects!

Lee Valley provides high quality tools that last a lifetime, and they are our first choice for purchasing all of our hand tools used on the mini-farm.

We highly recommend buying your spades and spade forks from Lee Valley Tools. They also carry haws watering cans, which we highly recommend for watering seedling flats.

Thanks Lee Valley!


Animal Magic Worldwide

Many thanks to Martina Danzer and her team of horses for providing our Research and Demonstration gardens with life giving compost!

Animal Magic Worldwide facilitates several experiences of transformation and healing with horses, and is located near Kimberley BC.

Check out their programs and get in touch with Martina for a life changing experience!


Ranch Up Around

Thanks to Ranch Up Around in Invermere BC! They've generously donated a large volume of compost from their farm.

Ranch Up Around is a great place for kids to learn about farm animals, gardening, and ranch life!